Do your Kids have TOO MANY clothes??

February 4, 2019

As I was sitting on my son's bedroom floor cleaning out his dresser of clothing that was too small for him, it occurred to me that there is no valid reason for any of my kids to own 30 pairs of socks. Or 20 T-shirts. No wonder they can't seem to keep their clothes off the floor! There are way too many!!!




Being low income often results in lots of hand-me-downs. We love them at our house. I have 5 girls and 2 boys. The older girls' (3 of them) clothes go to their younger sister and hers go to my youngest daughter. 


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If anybody has an overload of clothing it's the youngest two girls. One gets hand-me-downs from 3 people, and the other 4 people! This seems to cause massive amounts of shoving clothes in whatever drawer they will fit in. Even with drawer labels on! (Be sure to get yours here!) Or just not putting them away at all and leaving them on the floor to get rewashed again and again... 



I set out to find a magic number for all the clothing items they all own. Now keep in mind this is my personal opinion for my kids and yours may be different and that's ok. Start with building a list. Try to list out all the clothing they use in a week. I took this info and created a master sheet of the amount of each clothing type my kids were allowed to keep. 


For the Girls:


10-12 Pairs of socks

10 Underwear

3-5 Bras or Under-shirts/Camis

3-4 Pajamas

7 T-shirts

8 Long Sleeve Shirts

6 Tank Tops

6 Pants (Jeans/Slacks/Etc)

5 Leggings

4-5 Shorts

5 Every Day Dresses

3 Nice Dresses (For Church or Events)

2-3 Shrugs or Cardigans

1-3 Swimsuits 

1 Pair of Tennis Shoes

1 Pair of Sandals

2 Pairs of Dress Shoes/Boots

2 Pair of Play Shoes (For mowing, Camping, etc)




For the Boys:


10-12 Pairs of socks

10 Underwear 

4-5 Pajamas

8 T-Shirts

8 Long Sleeve Shirts

3-4 Dress Shirts

4 Tank Tops

2 Pair of Jeans

3 Sweat Pants or Athletic Pants

2 Dress Pants (For Church or Events)

5 Shorts

1-3 Swim Trunks

1 Pair of Tennis Shoes

1 Pair of Sandals

1 Pair of Dress Shoes

1-2 Pair of Play Shoes




Keep in mind that this list doesn't contain jackets or coats. This is because I haven't decided just how many we need at this point. All ours are kept in our hall closet or on the kids' coat hook.(They each have their own) Or snow gear, like boots and snow pants.


Where you store these items will determine if they make the list or not for this task. Also, if you have an infant this list may be way different. The overall goal is to just minimize the clutter. 


Once you have narrowed down the amount of clothing, you'll need to get rid of the clothes that didn't make the cut. 


Being low income with 7 kids means we try to earn money whenever we can. I took the clothes that were still in good shape to a children's consignment store where they gave me a choice of store credit or cash. 


Other places you can sell kids clothing items is on Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, or even Instagram! 


I also took a bunch of bags and donated them at a near by thrift store. I would encourage you to act immediately after the sort. Nothing irritates me more than clutter! And if I have a bunch of random bags of clothes laying around taking up space it causes un-needed stress!

You may notice the amount of laundry you do will decrease.  😉 When I planned out the lists for how many items the kids got to keep I kept in mind the weekdays and weekends. I do laundry every day, just not as many loads anymore!! Killing clutter one day at a time! 




I challenge you to downsize your children's wardrobes and see what it saves you. (Besides your sanity!) 😊 And don't forget to grab your free labels! CLICK HERE!


Leave me a comment if you've done this or know other tips for organizing kids' clothes!!








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This blog is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.

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