5 Ways to SAVE a Bundle on Your New Baby

January 7, 2019


Let's face it. Babies are expensive!!! I have 7 kiddos and I just want you to know it gets even more expensive as they get older. 😲 When I had my last little miracle we were  definitely in a hard place financially. 




Pregnancy is stressful enough. You don't need more just because you feel like you can't provide for your little one. I wanted to share some ideas and ways I brought a new baby into the world on very little money. 


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The So-Called Nursery


I always think back to 2010 when I was pregnant, not only with my first, but also my second baby! Yes my very first pregnancy was my twin girls. 😆 Talk about a shock. Not only did I have to buy stuff for one baby, but two! Can you see the yikes factor here. 


The world likes to make you think you need all the beautiful things that will make life wonderful. Umm. Hello. We aren't made of money here. Nobody actually NEEDS a baby nursery. Most parents keep their babies in their room until the baby is about 3 or 4 months old. 



The Bed


First things first. Where is your baby going to sleep? My mother-in-law at the time (now ex-mother-in-law) was so gracious and bought my girls cribs. We ended up selling one and the other one eventually got recalled due to the drop side. 


Fast forward to my last baby. I now have 7 mouths to feed. So here is what I used. 


There are plenty of places to buy these items used. We have a big consignment sale event here and that's where I snagged my Rock & Play Sleeper.  My son had acid re-flux and needed to be kept upright, and this momma didn't have time to hold him all day.. Look on the Facebook market place, craigslist, thirft stores, & any other consignment places in your area.


Be sure to try and get a pack n play that has the infant sleeper attachment. This makes it so the baby isn't basically laying on the floor.  😉 Plus you should still beable to get one for under $100. Maybe even under $50!






Changing Table?


This is one of the pieces that you honestly CAN live without. I've changed my babies on the floor or bed for years. If this is an item on your must have list, turn a dresser into a changing table. 


With a simple addition of a 4 sided changing table pad, you can have your own changing table! If you don't already have one try looking at yard sales or any of the suggestions up above. 



The Necessities 

There's plenty of lists out there that will tell you what you need for your baby, so I'm just going to let you know a few items that can help you save money.



Did you know?


I want to share this with you before I go any further. Because I didn't know and my family uses Amazon Prime a lot! If you have an EBT card or are on another government program you could qualify to get Prime for only $5.99 a month! Click the banner and see if you qualify! For reals, we get prime for $5.99 and all we had to do was send them a picture of our EBT card. It's worth a shot!



I only recently discovered that Amazon sells their own brand of diapers and wipes. I seriously wish I would've know this years ago. My favorite part of the diapers are the cute designs! I was always sad I couldn't afford the other cute ones at the store. 


These diapers are super soft. I've had a lot of babies and have gone through a lot of diapers... These are very affordable and hold up even on a very active toddler! 


 And do yourself a favor and forgo the diaper pail!! Or diaper stacker! Both are frustrating, and really really unnecessary. Plus you have to buy refills for the dumb pails. That expense adds up! You will save a bunch of money by just using a trash can or a grocery bag.  


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 Saving Money in the Long Run

Other ways that I have been able to save money through the years is shopping second hand. Thrift stores are worth checking out every couple weeks. They routinely put out new items. Baby and Kids clothing is generally cheap and you can find some good pieces! 


As mentioned already in this post, I have found some really good deals on Facebook Market Place. It's worth checking to see if there is a Buy Nothing Group in your area. Just simply search "Buy Nothing" in the Facebook search bar. The one I belong to people give a lot of good stuff away. Baby stuff for sure! 


And if you are in a place you feel you can't afford some necessary supplies, be sure to ask your doctor about programs in your area. (For example, W.I.C.) Also ask for help from your church(if you have one). Ours not only helped us with food, but diapers, toilet paper, shampoo, etc.! 


I do hope you found this information useful. Do you have other ways you save money on your baby? Please let me know in the comments!









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This blog is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.

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