A Super Simple Last Minute Teacher Gift!

December 11, 2018

Being a low income family can be frustrating at times, especially around Christmas. How can you give a gift to all the people you want to? And what about the people in your kid's lives that are important to them? 




I decided this year we would do teacher gifts. I have 6 kids in school right now... My budget? Pretty much non existent.  You see, even if I allowed $10 per gift, that's still $60! 


After some thought, this is what I presented to the kids. 


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Super Simple Mason Jar Gifts!


We have a stockpile in our basement of mason jars thanks to the previous owner that liked to garden! Score! The only issue was, they had no lids! So I went to the closest grocery store and picked some up! I believe I paid just under $5 for 12. 


What you need to create your own:


  • Large mason jar with lid - Like these  

  • A scrap of fabric(Big enough to cover the lid) - If you don't have any, pick up a fat quarter. You should be able to get at least 4-6 tops made with  just one.  Cut into 6x6" squares(We did 5x5's and I think they are a bit small) or you can also use pinking shears and cut cute circles! 

  • Some ribbon or twine - Any kind will do! I just used some red and white twine I had laying around. 

  • Recipe card or a print out - I suggest using card stock if you choose to print. You should use these! I made them for you! :) I just simply added the recipe using Canva. (If you haven't heard of Canva, it's a free graphic design tool website)


  • All the dry ingredients and

  • A small food funnel would be useful but not necessary, we just used a rolled piece of paper. 

The How to:


1. Make sure you wash out your jar(s). And dry them out very very well! You don't want any moisture in the jar. I just ran ours through the dishwasher and let them dry overnight. 


2. Prepare your fabric for the lid.










3. Gather other supplies you'll need like measuring cups & spoons, a spoon for spreading ingredients out in the jar, your recipe, etc. 


IMPORTANT! Consider halving your recipe if the cups needed exceed 3 1/2. (For example, your recipe calls for 2 cups of flour and 1/2 cup sugar & 1/2 cup brown sugar you should be fine!) We ended up trading recipes because the one we started with had 4 cups of just the flour & sugar and that left no more room for the rest of the ingredients in the jar. :(



4. Start layering in your ingredients. For example, Flour on the bottom, then sugar, then oats, etc. If your recipe includes nuts, raisins, or chocolate chips, I would recommend putting these items in a little baggie and placing them on the top, or just make sure to put them at the very top. This makes it easy for the recipient to leave them out if need be, plus easier for mixing! 


HELPFUL TIP! If using the rolled paper for a funnel, be sure to make it wide at the top... As you can see from the first photo below, we kinda missed a bunch...LOL! And pour your ingredients SLOWLY.


Spread the ingredients around making sure it's even. We used a spoon to help the brown sugar along.. 




5. Once you have everything nicely in the jar, you can put the lid on. Insert the little fabric scrap so it's in between the ring and the lid. 



6. Write or print your recipe on a little card (We found folding them in half worked best)punch a small hole in the corner and thread your ribbon/twine through. Wrap or tie   


And WA-LA! You have a super cute gift that only took you a smidge of time to put together! (If you're only making 1 0r 2... 6 on the other hand with 6 different kids took a good 2+ hours)




These also make great gifts for neighbors, friends at church, your babysitter, mail person, paper guy, cleaning lady(if you have one...oh man I so wish I did!), and just about anyone else on your list! Don't forget the people that mowed your yard all summer or helped with Fall clean up!


And think beyond Christmas! This could be a just because gift anytime. :)




















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This blog is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.

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